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Empowerment Bracelet Set: Happy, Bracelet, Confidence Bangle Bracelets

These kits are designed to help you Live Your BEST Life NOW and So Much MORE! They are the PERFECT GIFT for Yourself, a Friend or Family member to Empower them, help them FEEL Amazing and Look Classy!

This Smartte Empowerment Set comes with 3 Bangle Bracelet Kits: Classy, Happy and Confidence.
Each Kit Contains:
• Empowerment Bangle Bracelet
• Mini Book
• Smartte Tips Video
• Smartte Motivation Card
How to Use these Kits:

1. Wear the Beautiful Bangle Bracelet daily to live Smartte with a motivational phrase engraved on the inside of each empowerment bracelet.
2. Use the enclosed QR Code to access our exclusive Smartte Video on tips.
3. Fill out the enclosed MINI BOOKS to instantly help you be happy, live confident and look classy!
4. Cut out the enclosed Smartte Motivation Cards and use them in your goal books and vision boards or just place them on your mirror for daily inspiration!

What is Smartte? Smartte is our LifeStyle lin that provides Positive Role Models for women and proves success is more than what you see. Our foundation is grounded by a new standard of success for women that now includes: having a great education, being healthy ( not just skinny ), having strong values, contributing to our communities and being a positive role model for yourself and others. For all the details, check out


Team Orders: If you would like to purchase these for your team, just let us know how many you need and we will give you a great price!

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